--- We design and decorate Spaces 4 U ---

About Us

Having a natural flair and ability for putting spaces together, combined with qualifications in both interior design and business has allowed me to turn a long-standing passion into more than just a hobby.

My design philosophy is based on the belief that customising your space or environment can quite literally be life changing. I design and create spaces that are both beautiful and functional and that won't break the bank.

I also believe that when it comes to interior design less can often be more and that as colours work in nature so they'll work in decor, as long as you get the balance right.

My client base has been established through word-of-mouth over the years, which eventually led to me taking the plunge and creating a full-time business that has allowed me to make both my clients and myself happy.

Having high standards I like to ensure that the service and product I provide will deliver nothing less than what I expect for and of myself.