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Our Services

We are aware that the prospect of renovating and decorating can be very daunting, albeit exciting.

Our process is inclusive which means that we keep you in the loop as the project evolves. This helps you make informed decisions regarding your options. Large or smaller renovation projects, we do them all with the help of a team of skilled professionals and service providers. Being "fashionable" vs being "in fashion" – there's definitely a difference and we help you create the right balance.

We work with residential and commercial spaces and offer the following:

Interior design and decorating services

  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Sourcing your decorating requirements
  • Providing cost-saving solutions and suggestions
  • Home Staging - consulting and project management

What are the benefits to you?

  • It saves you time and hassle
  • We help you visualise and create
  • The result is beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces
  • We provide a professional outcome, with a personal touch and attention to detail
  • We offer you our designer discount